Concealed Darkness X Variant 2-Pack

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Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


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Our once-a-year Reserve edition of this hallowed imperial stout has been aged in barrels from Willett Distillery for a full year, changing and mellowing with the roll of the seasons. Enjoy the best of 2023: Dark Hollow brewed with double the roast barley, double the chocolate malt and double the oats, and then concealed in the darkness at the back of the barrel room, waiting to emerge on December 2.

2023 marks the tenth year of Concealed Darkness! In honor of this anniversary, we have released two SPECIAL ADDITIONAL VARIANTS this year – Concealed Darkness versions of two favorite Dark Hollow variants from our past. These X variants are available to purchase as a special 2-pack. 2-Pack contains one bottle of each variant.

CHOCOLATE COFFEE – This variant of Concealed Darkness has the addition of loads of freshly roasted local Trager Brothers coffee and African cocoa nibs in the last month of aging.

CHERRY SOUR DEVIL – A dangerously delicious ghost from our long-ago past, and one of the most revered beers in the Barrel House catalogue. A portion of our Concealed Darkness was soured in the kettle for a span of days before aging on sweet and tart cherries in freshly emptied barrels from the revered Willett distillery in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky. A delicate aroma and cherry flavor melds with the deep malt and sour overtones.


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