2023 Concealed Darkness Variant 2-Pack

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Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


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Our once-a-year Reserve edition of this hallowed imperial stout has been aged in barrels from Willett Distillery for a full year, changing and mellowing with the roll of the seasons. Enjoy the best of 2023: Dark Hollow brewed with double the roast barley, double the chocolate malt and double the oats, and then concealed in the darkness at the back of the barrel room, waiting to emerge on December 2.

2023 VARIANT #1: ADONIS Variant #1 was aged solely in Old Elk Oloroso Sherry barrels with the addition of natural vermouth and orange flavors to recreate the little-known Adonis cocktail, first made in the 1880s. A deep nuttiness from the sherry barrel meets light citrus and herbaceous notes from the orange and vermouth flavorings. The finish is all brought back home with the characteristic deep malt, oak and vanilla flavors from our beloved Reserve version of Dark Hollow and the barrel.

2023 VARIANT #2: SLOE BERRY Variant #2 was aged in Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin barrels atop sloe berry puree. The unique dryness offered from the gin barrel meets its match with the almond tartness of the sloe berry, which is a cousin of the cherry. This dry twist in a beer is made enjoyable by the absolute heft and deepness of our Reserve Dark Hollow’s dark malt body.


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